Just because the economy’s in the crapper doesn’t mean you
don’t give a crap about how you look. Heck, even non-human
critters groom, preen and strut their stuff while dodging
whatever’s above them on the food chain. So how does a gal
go about looking her best while pinching her pennies?

Well, for starters, she fishes 'n dishes in hireheels'
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if you read one
thing today
gals, sanity is
the ultimate
this season
so we'll keep
standing up
for the chics,
slappin' sexism,
neuterin' the
and, well, let's
just say
no party
is safe with
on the guest list.
Welcome to hireheels.com - a forum of power chicks for Hillary - that stood up and didn't shut up!

Get ready as we size up the "Fall '10 Collection."

We still adore shoes, and, yes, we still LOVE HILLARY

Pass it on!
have designer bag...
will travel
by Gucci Gal
So living and working in New York City means
riding the subway is a reality of my daily existence.
Although I consider myself professionally successful, I
prefer to be fashionably frugal, which means opting to
to walk most of the time from my very convenient 5th
Avenue crib. I suspect most New Yorkers have the
prototypical cab addiction -- as necessary to survival
as their
running through their veins.  Those who have really
made it (think: expense account) have personal drivers
or, at minimum, a car service ride to cruise around...
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merger mania over?
by Princess Wears Prada
Slouched in my cushy, cracked leather JetBlue seat,
I welcomed the announcement to turn off all
wireless devices and pulled out some saved
newspaper sections (yes, I still read print!). I landed
on a recent
New York Times business feature on
AOL-Time Warner’s split.  Wasn't that marriage
eight years ago?  Then again, eight years is an
eternity in technology and now, quite possibly, real-
life marriage. Then it got me thinking, can modern
marriage survive modern technology?  More
Can couples remain afloat in a swirling sea
of social networking sites?...
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no sugah for daddy!
by Sista Christian Louboutin
We're sure you ladies are familiar with that tasty treat
of delectable dishin'—"Daily Candy." The richly
packed newsletter that pops into sassy and savvy
gals' email boxes all over the world each weekday.
Recently its male counterpart "Urban Daddy," a
similarly snarky (although slightly chauvinistic),
informational popped up on the e-scene. The boys
recently wrote a beauty that we heels felt compelled to
share (natch, with our customarily cheeky
Not That You Need This, But...Save
Your Relationship for Just $1
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by Princess Wears Prada & Sista
Christian Louboutin
goldman saks not
On this Labor Day, Americans are “celebrating” the
worst jobless rate since 1982 — our shoe budget is
dashed for sure. While the boys of Goldman Sachs
were Net-Jetting to St. Tropez blowing their bonuses,
the rest of us have been relegated to the clearance rack
(praying for an 80% off sale @ Saks), and are expected
to do a lot more work for considerably less money.
joblessness becoming the trend in America?

It's not even that we have a high jobless rate —which
coincidentally is also "9.7"—it’s that so many women
who are willing to work, are willing to do so for half
of what they used to earn, or even for free,  

And by the way, for those of you who think we’ve
been musing through mykonos or ambling along the
amalfi coast this summer... Not so much. These
hireheelers have been workin' it — heel-toein’ it to the
canyons of NYC, through the canals of Amsterdam
and (teetering) on the cobblestones of Beantown…
nor did these politistas have an appetite for the
Healthcare Buffet, Town Brawls or Green Tea
So what’s next?

Well, short of digging a “Gold”man (who’s preferably
not short LOL), these gals are going to labor on and
celebrate our enterpreneurial spirit… hopefully
inspiring you savvy hireheelers along the way.
w.e.e. live from ny...
it's cgi!
by Princess Wears Prada
The Heels of the Hire variety are curiously clacking
in the halls of
The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in
New York City feasting on a buffet of knowledge,
innovation and wisdom imparted by more than 60
current and former heads of state and private sector
moguls. Think:
E-Harmony for NGOs, CEOs and
'E'GOs on viagra, power-courting in hopes of break-
through sex...errr, sorry, I meant breakout sessions.

Indeed Princess finds herself embedded in the very
press corps that once kicked Hillary Clinton to the
curb during the 2008 election.  But I digress.  This
year HireHeels is covering the entire event so that we
plug in to the very issues affecting Women around
the globe.

If you’ve been following our journey, you’re well
aware of the highs and lows… from slapping Chris
Matthews live on
MSNBC’s Hardball to debating Fox’
Neil Cavuto, we'll take any pot-holed terrain that
threatens to destroy our sister-heels…not only here
in America’s power-chick capital, but also in places as
remote as Rwanda and Congo.

Rumor has it that CGI is exploring an ALL-CHICK
CGI.  Some may call that reverse sexism but after
scanning the sea of empty seats at today’s “Investing
in Women and Girls” Opening Plenary session, it is
clear to me that this topic, to use Bill’s words earlier,
isn’t always sexy enough to take root. Have no fear...
HireHeels is here...with more to come on W.E.E.
(Women's Economic Empowerment) and others
issues.  Princess is far from satiatied but will try to
share as much blister-free commentary as possible
with splashing, tweeting and posting along the way.
ain't nothin'
goin' on
but the rent
by Princess Wears Prada &
SistaChristian Louboutin

    That is, unless your name is Rahm Emanuel.

    Yeah, his is a real ‘down-on-your-luck’ kinda

    From The New York Post:

    Emanuel is a multimillionaire, but lived for the
    last five years for free in the tony Capitol Hill
    townhouse owned by De Lauro and her husband,
    Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg.

    Emanuel never declared the substantial gift of free
    rent on any of his financial disclosure forms. He
    and De Lauro claim that it was just allowable
    “hospitality” between colleagues.

    Hospitality— for five years!?! I’d like to get into
    that lavish buffet line…

    Heck, we're afraid to “impose” for more than two
    nights at a friend’s crib. Looks like the “looped-in”
    Daschles and Emmanuels of the world have
    discovered (or invented) enough IRS loop holes to
    rival a multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Madoff’s
    got nothing on those two… They should all be
    under house arrest!